Clarke Dovetail Jig Review By Peter Elliott…

My "Wolfcraft" dovetail cutter packed up so off to MM for a new one. Alas, 
no more Wolfcraft (apart from on Ebay), so I decided to try MM's own. 
First off, this has aluminium "fingers" rather than the fragile plastic 
you get with some of the cheaper jigs - so no worries about them snapping 
off. It comes with a bit, another plus, which fitted my router, and 
overall the jig is generally quite sturdy. However there are a few 

- a rather picky point - the deepest drawer you can do with this "12-inch 
jig" is nearer "11-inch" unless you want to take it apart.
- the instructions could be better:  you need to follow the template guide 
in and out, left and right, to get a good joint, and not just simply 
plunge into each cut. In effect, the bush on the bit should never leave 
the template. It is not that clear from the handbook that this is the 
-  the nuts on the end-stops are difficult to get to and VERY tight (esp 
for the post-stroke weak-wristed), and the adjustment possible may not be 
enough to set it up right. I had to use an angle grinder to create enough 
space for the initial alignment of the vertical stops.
- some of the fingers on the comb had "sprue" on them and needed 
filing/milling down.
- even if, like myself, you set it up with a micrometer the fit is VERY 
tight, and you will need to "bash" the parts together quite hard (no glue 
needed - but no taking apart).

Overall it gets a "3", where 4 is a pleasant surprise and 5 is a "buy this 
now". It is not sub-standard (a 2) given the price, but would benefit from 
a few mods to enable set-up. An absolute beginner might well struggle with 
this bit of kit. Bummer for me that was while nipping back to MM to 
explain the issues (i.e grinding out the slots for the guides), I somehow 
lost my favoirite LCD vernier caliper...

Clarke Bandit IV 8 litre portable compressor

The Clarke Bandit IV 8 litre portable compressor is ideal for DIY and trade applications such as decking, carpentry, flooring, fencing, panelling, craftwork etc. thanks to it’s impressive 8 litre capacity, 4.5cfm air displacement and 8bar maximum working pressure. This compact compressor is also ideal for paint spraying, tyre inflation, blowing etc.

This great value kit comes complete with not only the quality Bandit IV compressor, it’s also supplied with a lightweight, high performance and easy to use Air Nailer/Stapler, perfect for a wide range of applications. The kit also provides users with a recoil hose, fittings and a starter pack of nails and staples, to get you going straight out of the packaging.

This product has been rated 5 Stars by our customers, with one customer remarking ‘Well made, quiet running, everything in the box and working perfectly… This is a fantastic product and I cannot fault it in any way’

You can now see this product in action with a detailed product video on the Machine Mart website, along with many new videos of ClarkeTools.Net best sellers.

To find out more about Our huge choice of tools and machinery, or to order their FREE catalogue or online to or call 0800 193 0019.

CEW1000 Product Review

New Clarke CEW1000 Electric Impact Wrench 240v This wrench is,in my opinion,the dogs whats its.It does the job superbly well.The wrench looks and feels expensively made but heavy.Its supplied in a good case with 4 impact sockets and even spare motor brushes.The unit performs as well as an air operated version, removing wheel nuts just as fast.Using the unit is a bit heavy but the trigger is well positioned and easy to use.The only disadvantage is no speed adjustment.This is useful when tightning wheel nuts initially before the wheels are on the ground.I used a 12v type that connects to your car battery before I bought the Clarke,but the operation was horrible and although it did the job it was slow and scary,try one and you`ll see what I mean.I already own a air operated wrench but its too much trouble to set up the compressor just to undo w/nuts.I also own a 19v Taskmaster wrench but its just not powerful enough to undo fully tightened wheel nuts,so the Clarke unit is an ideal compromise between the battery and air operated versions.If you are a motor mechanic and work on cars at home or a car enthusiast,then the clarke is exceptional value for money.The wrench is not much more than the 12v car battery type but less than half the price of the others available.If you need a reasonably priced electric wrench then buy this one.

Clarke IG1000 Petrol Generator

If you need power on the move, the IG1000 Inverter Generator from Clarke could be just what you’re looking for. Rated as a ‘5-Star’ product by our customers, this lightweight, low noise generator provides an instant electricity supply for use in a wide range of environments such as camping, caravanning and boating.

With Pure Sine Wave Technology, the IG1000 produces a clean, stable output which is essential for powering sensitive electrical equipment such as laptop computers or mobile phones. So no matter where you are, battery levels need never be a worry.

The IG1000 will provide up to 1000 Watts of AC power at 230 volts via a standard 3 pin socket, and will also charge 12 volt batteries via an 5 amp DC outlet.

Powered by a four stroke petrol engine fitted with an efficient  ‘Eco Throttle’ system, its 2.7 litre fuel tank will last for up to 8 hours before needing a refill. Housed in a stylish case and at roughly the size of a piece of hand luggage, it won’t take up too much valuable space either.

Weighing in at just 15Kg it’s easy to carry and in at our lowest price ever, it’s great value too!
So wherever your travels take you the IG1000 really is a ‘must-have’ to make sure you’re never without power.

Clarke Tools Quality Assured Products

All Clarke Tools comply with the latest British & European standards & European safety / CE marking directives. They are all thoroughly tested and inspected by Clarke’s own in house R & D and Q C departments. Specialist products are also further tested by an independent 3rd party government approved test house.

Many Clarke Tools have won awards from a variety of leading magazines when independently tested and reviewed. You will find product awards throughout the product range.

Regarded as the best in our industry, our vast range of stylish full colour packaging distinguishes the product, its features and applications, ensuring a really effective point of sale display for all of our customers, inspiring even further faith on our highly successful brand.

When it comes to buying tools and equipment, you need to know you’re buying from specialists who know what they’re talking about. At Clarke Tools we eat, sleep and breathe tools and equipment, and are constantly updating our range to give you the very best in choice and value for money – all backed by expert advice from our friendly and knowledgeable staff.